Havens Homes: Here’s How Our First Off-plan Home in Lagos Is Taking Shape

Havens Homes Epe Lagos off-plan property prototype

  We are thrilled to share an exciting update on our off-plan home project – Havens Home – located at Naforija, Epe, Lagos.  We are delighted to inform you that our first off-plan home is now under construction and progressing beautifully. We kicked this off on the 4th of July. With each passing day, our […]

What’s the Future of Real Estate in Nigeria?

In this article, we will dig deep into the current state of real estate in Nigeria. We’ll explore its challenges and, more importantly, look into the future and see what exciting trends and opportunities lie ahead.

What Is an Off-Plan Property? Benefits of Buying an Off-Plan Home

Havens Cottage off-plan property plans

Are you having a hard time finding a home that checks all the boxes on your list? You’ve probably spent countless hours browsing through real estate listings and touring properties and still haven’t found “the one.” It’s frustrating, we know. But you’re not alone. Sometimes, it feels like the perfect home just doesn’t exist. But […]

An Update on Havens Cottage 

We promised you Havens Cottage. And now we’re bringing it to reality. Here are all the details on Havens Cottage and all we have done so far on-site.

All You Need to Know About Buying Land in Epe

Accessible land is becoming more difficult to find if you’re looking for landed properties or estates for sale in Lagos. This has shifted the focus of many real estate companies to the Epe area of Lagos, a largely under-occupied location, judging by how crammed up the mainland and island are.