An Update on Havens Cottage 

An Update on Havens Cottage 

We promised you Havens Cottage. And now we’re bringing it to reality. Here are all the details on Havens Cottage and all we have done so far on-site. 

After selling more than 60% of Greenville Estate and almost finished the perimeter fencing and gatehouse, we moved swiftly to the site for Havens Cottage in Naforija Epe, just adjacent to the Lagos State University of Education, Epe. 

Site Updates

We had the first early birds of investors for our off-plan apartments and land-only plots, and we moved in to create value for your investment. 

We started work on Havens Cottage by clearing the landscape and then proceeded with the survey parcellation of five acres of Havens Cottage. Then we continued with an estate layout design, the result of which is now made available for investors in Havens Cottage on demand.  

Next, we started the drilling of a borehole at Havens Cottage. This is to facilitate the current construction works which are set to begin and also serve the water needs of clients who already have allocated plots on Havens Cottage. 

Then we started the production of construction bricks on site for the construction of the perimeter fencing, gatehouse, and the promised apartments and bungalow. 

Next, we capped off last month on December 29, 2022, by organizing the inspection tour of Havens Cottage with prospects and realtors brought to site. 

We couldn’t have achieved all these without you our clients, and prospects who believed in us. To invest (or add to your investment) in Havens Cottage, you can book a free inspection tour with us to see all we have done on site, and what we are doing presently and are about to do. 

Why Invest in Havens Cottage and Epe?

1. Massive rental income 

Already, Epe is one of the best locations in Lagos for rental income. Make your findings online or in the town, and you’d find that a 2-bedroom apartment here already goes for a minimum price of ₦600K. Put your investment cap on, and you’d realize that in the coming years, real estate here may surpass that of Lekki. 

2. Havens Cottage is in a livable environment with a high ROI

Come have an inspection of Havens Cottage with us. It’s in an already liveable environment.

  • Green environment
  • Plain dry landscape that’s ready for construction and inhabitation 
  • Close to educational institutions – LASUED, YabaTech Campus, St. Augustine University, and lower institutions.
  • Lekki Deep Sea Port and Dangote Refinery are commencing operation this year.
  • The construction of Lekki-Epe international airport is also set to commence this year.

3. Havens Cottage is legit and well-titled

So what are the titles you get on your property at Havens Cottage

Havens Cottage comes with land excision. This is a confirmation that the estate has been legally released to indigenous settlers by the Lagos state government, and it’s termed to be excised. Also, this signifies that the land is no longer under government acquisition; thus C of O (Certificate of Occupancy) procedure, which we already have in process, is now possible.

For further inquiries on Havens Cottage or estates in Epe, call us at 0916 333 1487 or contact us.

Let’s do more in 2023! 💪