Havens Homes: Here’s How Our First Off-plan Home in Lagos Is Taking Shape

Havens Homes Epe Lagos off-plan property prototype

  We are thrilled to share an exciting update on our off-plan home project – Havens Home – located at Naforija, Epe, Lagos.  We are delighted to inform you that our first off-plan home is now under construction and progressing beautifully. We kicked this off on the 4th of July. With each passing day, our […]

The Role of Technology in Real Estate Development in Nigeria

Role of technology in real estate development in Nigeria

The advent of technology has greatly influenced real estate development in Nigeria in recent times. Real estate development is the combination of real estate activities that range from the renovation of a property, purchase of land, re-lease of a building, and sale of land. All these activities have been greatly improved by technology.  One of […]

How to Choose the Right Architect for Your Real Estate Project

Choosing the right architect is very important to the success of your real estate project. If you miss it at the point of selecting an architect for real estate, you should not expect a nice physical structure for your project in the end. Architects are responsible for the design, planning, and supervision of real estate […]

How to Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria with Hybrid LandTech (A Complete Guide)

The real estate sector in Nigeria has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, fueled by a burgeoning population and a thriving economy. As a result, Nigeria has emerged as a prime destination for real estate investors in Africa. In 2018, the real estate sector contributed over 1.26 trillion naira to the country’s national income, according […]

10 Real Estate Trends in Nigeria and the Current State of the Industry

In this article, Hybrid Landtech will spotlight the industry’s current state. We’ll be talking about the sky-high demand for housing in our vibrant urban centers, the ingenious ways we’re tackling affordability hurdles, and the mind-blowing impact technology is having on property marketing and management

Ibeju-Lekki: 5 Major Developments Increasing Real Estate Values There


In the world of real estate, we all know that location is the golden ticket to success. And if you’re on the hunt for the next investable city in the bustling Nigerian real estate market, look no further than Ibeju-Lekki and its neighboring locations.   Nestled along the stunning coastline of Lagos, this vibrant and […]

What Is an Off-Plan Property? Benefits of Buying an Off-Plan Home

Havens Cottage off-plan property plans

Are you having a hard time finding a home that checks all the boxes on your list? You’ve probably spent countless hours browsing through real estate listings and touring properties and still haven’t found “the one.” It’s frustrating, we know. But you’re not alone. Sometimes, it feels like the perfect home just doesn’t exist. But […]