Real Estate Cash Back

Real Estate cashback involves the  acquisition landed properties in a prime location for the purpose of either reselling or build on it for reselling purposes towards profit maximization.

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What is Real Estate Cash Back?

We offer affordable land and housing projects including service plots with deliverable promises; direct investment services with great ROI; construction consultancy and property listing. Our offers features real estate, Agro-allied, and full scale Logistics businesses. All our businesses have an exclusive offer that customers and clients can fully utilize. It allows them to Invest, Buy and Refer.

We bring an opportunity that allows people to buy or invest in real estate and cash out big! You can invest between N200,000 to N300m and get your investment capital and ROI at the end of your investment tenure. 

You can buy and build or leave the land to appreciate, the choice is yours. You should never wait to invest in land, why not invest, wait, and divest. After all, inflation eats up a large chunk of your money saved in the bank. However, investing it in land appreciates in value because land is a scarce resource. 

Product Features

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Houses for sale in Lagos, Nigeria

Lilyfield, VI.

3 Bedroom aparments

Aztor, Banana Island

4 Bedrooms

Little Bumble, VGC

7 Bedrooms

Chesterfield, Ikoyi

5 Bedrooms