The Vision of Eniola 2.0: Making Real Estate Accessible

The Vision of Eniola 2.0: Making Real Estate Accessible

1. What is the idea behind Eniola as a real estate scheme?

Eniola 2.0 Buy real estate for 20,000 naira per unit

Eniola 2.0 is born from the property co-ownership agreement concept of dividing a real estate asset into smaller units, making it easier for individuals to acquire property. Each unit represents a fraction of the underlying property. By subdividing properties into more affordable units, Eniola 2.0 widens the accessibility of real estate investments to a broader audience that may not afford the cost of a complete real estate plot and would like to own a property from their savings. 

Additionally, you have the option to co-own a property with another willing investor. Eniola allows family members, friends, office colleagues, church members, and various groups, comprising 2 to 10 individuals, to collectively own landed properties within a community framework.

2. How does Eniola 2.0 work?

Eniola 2.0 is located in Greenville 2, Ishiwo.

With this offer, you can purchase land from us for as low as N20,000 per unit. A complete plot consists of 150 units, covering 600 SQM of land. This means you can start your journey as a property owner with a modest investment spread out conveniently. 

Furthermore, we offer a 5-month interest-free payment plan on Eniola. So that provides flexibility for your financial planning. You can begin with as few as one unit or go up to 37.5 units initially and later add more units as your finances and convenience allow. 

Eniola 2.0 fosters a community of co-owners, enhancing the liquidity of real estate investments through potential buybacks by the parent company and fellow community investors.

Unit Breakdown for Different Plot Sizes:

  • 37.5 units for 150 sqm
  • 75 units for 300 sqm
  • 112.5 units for 450 sqm
  • 150 units for 600 sqm

Real-life Explanation of Eniola 2.0 

Here’s a real-life explanation of Eniola 2.0 with a 5-month payment plan:


  • Segun purchases ten units at 200,000 naira
  • Ade purchases five units at 100,000 naira. 
  • Emeka purchases ten units at 200,000 naira
  • Yusuf buys 12.5 units at 250,000 naira. 

In total, they have acquired 37.5 units or a 150 SQM plot. After the 5-month payment period, they come together to form a community and co-own a 150 sqm piece of land. Importantly, there are no hidden charges associated with this arrangement.

3. Where is Eniola 2.0 located?

Eniola 2.0 is available to clients in Greenville 2, Ishiwo, an estate owned and managed by Hybrid Landtech Limited. Greenville 2 Estate spans 40 acres and is located adjacent to the Epe-Ijebu tollgate in Ishiwo. It is only a 22-minute drive from Greenville Estate, Poka, and offers proximity to prominent landmarks. 

Additionally, it boasts excellent road connectivity within Lagos, with convenient access routes to major cities such as Lagos mainland through Ojodu Berger, Ijebu Ode, Ibeju-Lekki, Abeokuta, and Ibadan. Greenville 2 estate is always available for inspection. Simply let us know so we can plan one for you.

Landmark Location

This piece of land is strategically located with convenient access to various landmarks:

  • Michael Otedola Housing Estate: Only 12 minutes away.
  • Yabatech University: Just a 9-minute drive.
  • St. Augustine University: Approximately 15 minutes away.
  • LASUED (Lagos State University of Education): A short 13-minute drive.
  • Julius Berger Cashew Factory: About 16 minutes away.
  • Nord Automobile Assembly: A mere 14-minute drive.

4. Are there hidden fees involved in Eniola 2.0?

No, there are no hidden fees associated with Eniola. The total cost of the estate, once you’ve purchased enough units, covers development and documentation fees.

5. How many units of Eniola 2.0 are available at Greenville 2?

As of October 2023, Hybrid Landtech has planned to make up to 3,000 units of Eniola 2.0 available to prospective clients between October and December 2023.

6. When did Eniola 2.0 launch?

Eniola 2.0 was officially launched on the 1st of October, 2023. This date, being Independence Day, holds strategic significance as we envisage how it can signal the beginning of your journey toward financial freedom and property ownership. 

7. What are the documents to expect when I buy Eniola?

When you acquire real estate through the Eniola scheme with Hybrid LandTech, expect the following documents:

  • Payment receipts 
  • Contract of sale (acknowledgment letter)
  • Allocation document
  • Registered deed of assignment

If you are solely investing, you can expect the following documents:

  • Receipt
  • Deed of investment

8. Eniola vs. Eniola 2.0: what’s the difference?

Eniola (the pioneering product) is a scheme offered within Greenville Estate, Poka, Epe. In contrast, since Greenville Estate Poka is sold out, Eniola 2.0 is a scheme allocated in Greenville 2, Ishiwo, only a 22-minute drive from Poka, Epe. In all other aspects, Eniola 2.0 operates similarly to the original Eniola scheme. The price per unit remains the same, and both plans cover development and documentation costs with no additional hidden charges.

9. What are the minimum units I need to get an allocation in Eniola 2.0?

The minimum plot size that can be allocated under Eniola 2.0 is 150 sqm, which consists of 37.5 units (equivalent to one-quarter of a full plot). The cost for this allocation is just N750,000. Currently, Hybrid Landtech has at least six clients with 150 sqm allocations (including survey and deeds of assignment) from the original Eniola scheme in Poka.

We can link buyers together. That is, you can choose to co-own a property and develop it together, of course, at your discretion and with property documents adapted to this situation.

10. Is Eniola suitable for land banking?

Eniola 2.0 is an ideal choice for land banking as it offers a pure real estate investment opportunity with an active-passive income mechanism. Each unit is tokenized as real land, making it easily convertible into liquid cash whenever needed.

11. Will I get an ROI on my Eniola investments?

You’re guaranteed to enjoy a high annual ROI of at least 100% on your investments with Eniola. For example, the assets of our clients and landlords on Greenville Estate Poka registered a massive 140% ROI between September 2022 and September 2023. 

However, we don’t pay a return on investment (ROI) on invested units to clients directly. Eniola, instead, is a scheme that allows you to own a piece of land as a land banker and then divest on it whenever you want to get your ROI. With Eniola, you can keep buying units worth N20,000 each at your convenience. Then, after a year, there’s a high possibility each unit will be worth at least N40,000 each, depending on all other affective factors. Hybrid landtech limited can buy back at clients’ wishes at prevailing market value.

12. Is Hybrid Landtech a legit real estate company?

Hybrid LandTech Limited is a fully registered and legitimate real estate and property management company officially registered in Nigeria. Our office is at Suite 21, Double Crown Plaza, Lekki Scheme 2, Lekki, Lagos. We specialize in offering affordable and luxury real estate properties, including land and homes, currently in four strategic locations within the Ijebu-Epe-Ibeju-Lekki real estate hotspots. All our real estate products have been meticulously developed, with features such as fencing and gatehouses, and come with proper documentation, including surveys and deeds of assignments. Furthermore, the process of obtaining Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) is underway for two of our locations.

13. How secure is my investment with Hybrid LandTech?

Hybrid LandTech offers a 100% guaranteed investment security for both short-term and long-term investors. Your landed estates are accessible at all times, both before and after allocation. Furthermore, your assets can be conveniently monitored via inspections and online through virtual inspections and media files on our website and social media handles. 

As an additional layer of security, your land will be physically available on-site to safeguard your investment. Hybrid LandTech is a certified entity registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and our office is open to you all business hours of the week.

If you have any more questions or need further details, please feel free to contact us at or give us a call or WhatsApp chat at +2347031028401